An alumnus of the American Academy Of Nutrition, Madhuri Ruia is a well-known Fitness, Posture, Pilates and Nutrition expert. A highly qualified nutritionist by profession, a winner by choice and an optimist at heart.

She is the living embodiment of empowerment. Her fitness journey over the past two decades has always been underscored by an innate belief that one’s health is more valuable than one thinks. She believes fitness is the key to success-personal, professional and physical.

Madhuri Ruia is also a published author, her book – “Who Stole My Calories?” is considered the world’s first fitness novel and has been incredibly well received.


A trainer at heart and a business man in the head. Pankaj Narsian left a decade long promising career in marketing when he decided to shift his focus towards his passion for fitness.

He has studied about exercise science from the K11 Academy of Fitness Sciences and is currently preparing under Dr. Taher Kudrati for his CSCS certification from the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

Pankaj Narsian conducts specialized coaching for Powerlifting, Rehab and Posture, Sport-Specific and Body building goals. He is the Fitness Director at Integym and solely responsible to oversee the training needs of the clients at Integym.